Infinity Scarf


As we get into Fall, I’m always inspired to start knitting a new scarf. I wanted to try something different, and was inspired by some Pinterest posts about knitting seamless scarves. I’d never knitted with circular needles before so it was a learning experience.

Here’s the Pinspiration 

Circular needles


With these needles you knit in the round so there is no seam to sew at the end. I probably restarted this project 3 or 4 times and never thought to take pictures during the process.

Here’s the finished scarf:


And here’s K modelling the scarf:


And bonus, you can even carry snacks with you! (j/k)



3 thoughts on “Infinity Scarf

  1. I’m so impressed – beautiful! Are you saying you did this in only a week? Do you realize I started knitting a baby blanket for T & still haven’t finished it… she’s 11 @@

  2. The finished scarf was knit in one night..very simple pattern of purling one row, knitting the next..perfect to work on while watching tv after work one day. But, the first 2 times I attempted it, I was knitting the stitches too tight and wasn’t happy with the length, and one time i made an error I couldn’t correct…so with all the attempts, from first attempt to final attempt it took me over a week.

    Haha at the wide eyes symbol 🙂

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