Week 1 – Halloween Nails


I love to paint my nails and I am always practicing with different designs and tools. So, I have decided to start with nail pinspiration and I admit that several of my posts will be nail designs. I have been checking out lots of different Halloween nail options and decided to start with a cute candy corn design.
Here is the process:
I started by doing my nails in a nude gel color. (Process not shown) I did this to have a smooth base. Also, the gel polish does not come off with nail polish remover so if I make a mistake with the candy corn design, I can easily remove it and start again on top of the gel base.
Next, I painted my ring fingernail black and painted the rest white.
Then, I used a make-up sponge with yellow, orange and white nail polish to create the candy corn look. I put a stripe of yellow, orange and white nail polish in a row on the sponge. Then I lightly pressed the sponge onto each white nail.
For my black accent nail, I wanted to paint several tiny candies. I used the same method as above, however, I used the most narrow and pointy part of the sponge and ended up only being able to fit two as I made the stripes too big.
Finally, I did a touch up on all nails and applied a top coat. Here is the final result.


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