Polka dot nail art


I’ve been into nail art for a year or so and have been pinning some artsy ideas to my nail art board on Pinterest. But I haven’t gotten around to purchasing the proper tools (dotters, nail tape) to actually attempt most of the pins.

Fellow Pinning Cousins poster katmer26 inspired me to attempt one of the ideas without the fancy tools šŸ™‚

Here’s the Pinspiration:

I decided to go with Fall colors and painted a burgundy color as the main colour:


And a gold color as the accent on my ring finger nails:


Then I used an old (fake) pearl earring as my dotter (I wasn’t ready to commit to polka dots on all my nails so stuck to my accent nails). First red:


And then orange:


The earring worked well as a dotter (but I think I’ll still buy actual dotters for more variety of size).



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