Crayon Christmas ornaments


Since my Christmas board is the board I pin to most frequently these days, I thought I’d try another Christmas craft.

We decorate these ornaments, using paint, with the kids at work. It’s an easy craft that always turns out. But awhile ago I pinned this…the same idea as the paint, but it uses broken crayon pieces instead.

You need glass ball ornaments, crayons, a hairdryer, knife to cut crayons. And having a pair of gloves could be useful!


Choose your colors…


Take the paper off the crayons and cut into pieces:



It’s recommended to use 4 or 5 pieces of crayon in each ornament.


Now you hold the ornament with one hand, and hold the hairdryer in the other hand, directly underneath the crayon pieces, to melt the wax. It takes a minute for the wax to start to melt. Swirl the wax around to make designs or to cover the inside of the ball completely (this is what I did). I wore knitted gloves to hold the ornament, which helped as the heat from the hairdryer makes the ornament hot to touch.

Finished product:


I wish I had bought an extra box of ornaments…next time, I would experiment with the different colors. I would also make some with just a stripe or two of wax swirled on the inside.

What is your favorite Christmas craft?


Christmas Photo booth Props


I’ve been into photography for years…from capturing vacations and holidays, to landscapes and candid moments. It’s my favorite keepsake and art form.

There’s a trend now of having photo booths at events…love this idea! And I also love the idea of making your own photo booth with backdrops and props. Earlier this fall I bought a photo booth props kit at Wal-mart for $5 and brought it in to work for the kids to use. It was lots of fun!

Now that Christmas is approaching, I thought it would be fun to have Christmas props. Here was the initial Pinspiration. I’m not a drawer so I searched Pinterest for a pattern and found someone who had also been inspired by the previous pin and had sketched the props.

Here are our props. I made them using the same card stock I use for scrapbooking:


Added glitter to the reindeer noses and party hats for a bit of sparkle:


And created a small backdrop with material from the dollar store:


The kids had fun with the props during our first photo shoot and I’m sure we’ll use them more as Christmas gets closer.