Glass Jar Turned Soap Dispenser


This week I crafted a project that was inspired by one of the first pins I ever pinned… it’s been sitting on my Projects & Crafts I Love board for over 2 years! It’s a simple one, so here it goes…

I used a glass jar that I originally bought as a jar of coconut curry sauce, purchased from World Market. …The sauce sounded delicious (& it was), but I was also excited about the pretty & uniquely shaped glass jar that it came in. After enjoying the contents, and washing the jar and lid, I hammered a hole in the center of the lid and used pliers to make the opening fit my soap pump. By working on the opening slowly, I lucked out by not making it too large, thus the soap dispenser squeezed into place and held together tightly – eliminating any need for glue.

I started to paint the lid silver, but after the first coat shown here, I didn’t feel the two very different looking silvers looked good together, so I moved to plan B. | From Pins to Projects

I searched my craft cabinet hoard downstairs, and picked a blue/teal paint that was left from a prior project.
I painted four coats (until I was satisfied that I couldn’t see paint lines any longer), and then finished with a couple coats of sealer. Here’s an image of the materials I used. | From Pins to Projects

And it was done! | From Pins to Projects

I placed my finished project on the sink in our main bath prior to filling it with soap… just to feel it out to see if that’s the bathroom where it should live (the similar colored Glassybaby candle holder in the photo already resides there). Then a funny thing happened… J observed our new addition and our conversation went like this:

J: So I’m guessing you have that new soap pump there ’cause you like it?
Me: Why, you don’t like it?
J: Meh.
Me: I made it.
J: You made it? Oh. …Then a little bit of back tracking happened.

Bahaha… but that’s okay – truth is I’m not crazy about it either, but hey, I love to be creative and to be creative I need to be taking action, it doesn’t mean I’ll love everything I create. | From Pins to Projects

How about you? Have you recently completed a project that is just “meh”?


Fall Leaf Lantern


Fall is my favourite season…I love all the colours of the leaves! Mixed with the crisp, sunny weather, it’s the perfect transition from Summer to Winter!

When I saw this Fall project, I thought it would be perfect…as it also involved another favourite of mine: mason jars.

I love the way mason jars look, I’ve devoted a whole Pinterest board to them, they always seem to be hidden in cupboards & basements, yet I haven’t completed a single mason jar project… No more excuses!

First step is to collect leaves and press them for at least 36 hours. I pressed them between layers of wax paper with a book to weigh them down.


Other materials needed: Mason jar, Mod Podge, a paint brush.


I just used the Mod Podge I already had, but in the future I will experiment with other finishes.

For this jar, I painted the inside of the jar with Mod Podge, pressed a leaf on each side, and then covered the inside of the whole jar with a top coat.

It took a few days to dry, and still hasn’t dried completely underneath the leaves.


Finished product:


I am currently working on another jar, this time with the leaves glued to the outside of the jar. I’m interested to compare the look of gluing the leaves on the inside vs. the outside (Gluing them on the outside is definitely easier!).

Update: Gluing the leaves to the outside of the jar is the way to go! Easier to handle, and any adhesive that hasn’t dried yet is hidden on the inside of the jar.